Off-road Activities in Cabo

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Experience the unpaired thrill of Off-road Activities in Cabo! In the beautiful landscapes of Cabo you will be able to drive safe in the dessert with experienced guides & support, you will even be able to ride the same cars that experienced pilots drive in The popular Baja 1000 International renowned event! Safetly overcome single story jumps or slide in the sandy terrain, cabo-offroad acitvities companies provide all the support you need so you can worry only about the amount of fun you'll get .

You can get a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a Real Baja 1000 Experiece in an authentic baja race car, guides will gladly teach how to do all the tricks these machines have for you to learn, so be ready to take a powerful powerslide around the corner! in one of the custum created routes outside Cabo San Lucas specifically designed for high-performance off-road driving and don't worry about your safety because you will be comfortable strapped in your seat. The cars are designed for your protection and each one of them is equipped with radio & intercom systems

So, if you are looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity adventure, you'll certainly won't be dissapointed by the choices Cabo & Baja have to offer you.

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